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Lolita Taub
Mar 19, 2023

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There was a bit of relief felt this week, but stress and frustration are still running high. In this Sunday’s edition, I will share what happened last week, what people are saying, potential implications, and make suggestions on what to do in this economic environment for the benefit of our community.

Last week, there was a bank run at Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) to the tune of $42 billion in one day after hysteria spread on Twitter. Many of us in the startup ecosystem let out a big sigh of relief after the Federal Reserve, Treasury Department, and FDIC announced on Sunday that they would ensure SVB and Signature Bank deposits would be paid in full.

However, there are lingering stress and frustrations due to people's opinions. Some are calling this the canary in a coal mine, while racists are incorrectly blaming SVB's closure on diversity. The truth is that SVB was a supporter of our community (because they believed in our ability to create returns), but ultimately, they were run by white men. Some are frustrated that companies and people will have access to their funds because they incorrectly see what's happened as a bailout for the rich. To be clear, this is not the case - there was no bailout for the C-Suite or shareholders.

What happened was a government intervention to try and stop the contagion of hysteria around banks and protect depositors without it costing taxpayers money. And if the government had not intervened, many founders and fund managers would likely have been forced to close shop due to their inability to access their cash and make payroll. Luckily, this is not the case.

The potential implications of what’s happened in the last week include: interest rate hikes may slow down, spooked investors (who will likely pause, have stricter due diligence, and make fewer investments for some time), founders and fund managers opening multiple bank accounts to make sure their total deposits are FDIC insured, a gap in venture debt access, more expensive money, and an unjust backlash on diversity.

All that said, let’s focus on what’s in our control, do what we can to mitigate risk, and know that the power of community can be good or bad. This is a good time to ensure you have an emergency management plan and budget in a secure account. Know your bank account options, like Mercury (port co) which will insure depositors cash up to $3 million. Know your emergency loan options. Know that diversity is getting the short end of the stick right now, so stand up for our community and be an ally. We’ve got to help each other and work together to win.

Special shout out to the Ganas Ventures' founders, funders, and SVB friends who came together last week to help each other and the rest of the community! You are appreciated.

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