Oct 19, 2021

Getting into Product Management Online. Learn through high-quality videos, engaging lessons, hands-on activities, and sharing insights.

Digital Product Management Course

Executive PM Course | Length: 7 weeks 

Starting: November 10th | Format: Remote

A venture between Universidade Católica Portuguesa.

Product Management Course

Entry-level Part-time course | Length: 5 months - 320 hours

Format: Remote

A venture between Wild Code School

Product Management Fundamentals

This Masterclass will be a combination of lectures on best practices, exercises, and group discussions. The goal is to give you tools that help you:

  • Balance multiple, competing priorities

  • Organize your roadmap and backlog

  • Reduce the time spent on writing specs

  • Collaborate and create alignment with stakeholders

  • Communicate your goals and progress with the rest of the company

Productized Masterclasses

Enjoy 7 masterclasses and 2 keynotes. Get practical tips from the world's experts on Product Development, and network with your peers and trainers. Be prepared to get inspired and learn about Enterprise Product, and Consumer Product.