The time trap

Hello there,

One of the things I love about the Pods is seeing people experiment with different approaches to help them work more effectively. Something that seems to come up a lot is how we manage our time.

Over the months we’ve had people try time blocking, daily highlights, days without meetings, artist days, pomodoros and more.

What strategies do you have for managing your time? Are they working for you? If not, what small experiment could you try tomorrow or next week to improve things?

Explore some different approaches to planning your time:

Join the next Pod

We’ve opened the doors for May’s four-week Pod which starts on Tuesday 3rd May. We meet three times each week to set intentions, co-work, and review our progress. All with the aim of helping you to get stuff done and the added bonus of feeling like you’ve got a team around you.

Visit the Pod event page to find out more about the schedule and what to expect.

Or if you’re ready to commit right away...

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