Design sprints, coaching for startups and product people, product management, future studies, and more… Get to know all the services.


Design sprints

Answer critical business and product questions by compressing months of endless interactions into 2, 3 or 4 days of focused work by a small critical team. Instead of waiting for a launch to observe the results, shortcut that learning process by quickly building and validating a smart prototype with real customers.

Innovation Programmes

Entrepreneurs and established business or policy players need each other to solve problems and build amazing new ways to increase the value to their customers and advance business or policy goals. We organize acceleration or open innovation programmes with processes tailored to match the goals of the promoters and the entrepreneurs.

Coaching for startups and product people

We are entrepreneurs and have been working with or within corporations for several years and know what it takes to help entrepreneurs navigate the harsh waters of building a new thing. We give support covering the basics of the critical aspects of a business model, product solution-problem fit and product development... Needless to say, we are able to dive into the nitty-gritty of product design.

Product management

When your organization is developing a web or mobile product or service and it doesn’t have the specialized talent for managing the complex interactions between all the stakeholders, gathering and defining the specifications, run user behaviour and UX tests, create the product vision, roadmap, write the user stories and prepare the PRD (Product Requirements Document) to align the development team with the stakeholders and clear define the delivery dates per agile sprint. Otherwise, you’re likely on the road to something more costly, at lower quality and way over the deadline you expected to deliver the product. That’s why you need a product manager to set the pace and guarantee a proper alignment between everyone.

Future studies

Companies that thrive in the long-run are companies that strategically prepare for plausible scenarios. We employ prospective study methods to help companies or functional areas define future scenarios on the markets where they operate, enabling them to identify areas for innovation, take strategic decisions on their positioning and communicate about innovation challenges.