All Things VC - April 23' Edition

Rohit Yadav
May 2, 2023

Valuation and fundraising - Late-stage deal value has plummeted to a 21-quarter low (HERE). SVB collapse still looms over the startup fundraising prospects (HERE). Should we expect venture performance to bounce back soon (HERE)? Thoughts on down rounds (HERE) and (HERE).

Diversity and access continue to be a big topics in the VC landscape. The gap between male-led and female-led funds continues to be staggering (HERE). All female-founding teams raised less (HERE). Pressure is on for VC firms to take diversity seriously (HERE). VCs are keener than ever to invest in serial founders (HERE)

Emerging and new VC managers - Designing Solo GP funds (HERE). Track records for evaluating VCs are an overused crutch (HERE). Managers face difficulties raising a VC Fund (HERE), though there is optimism (HERE). Variation between the top and bottom quartile of VC performers (HERE). Micro-fund managers feel deflated (HERE). Fundraising best practices for managers (HERE). Fund size is still a strategy (HERE).

EU startup ecosystem - Only 6% of startup pitches result in funding, and 45% of the VC investments fail (HERE). Stakes in EU VC Funds are on sale for 40% off (HERE). Startups and the EU keep having their low moments i.e., founders waiting for cash (HERE) and corruption (HERE). While U.S. pension plans benefit from German startup success, German pension plans go largely empty-handed (HERE). Toxic bosses and unhealthy cultures are causing burnout among Europe’s VCs (HERE).