VP#102 — I'm Moving to New York + Announcing Build Club

Victor Pontis
May 18, 2021

VP#102 — Moving to New York + Announcing Build Club

Quick aside: we will give you $15k if you successfully refer a software engineer to Luma. (This also counts if you refer yourself!) Send intros to jobs@lu.ma

I’m Moving to New York!

I’m writing this right now while on a plane from SFO to JFK. Last night I packed up everything I own into two suitcases and a backpack. 

What I hope to find in New York:

  • An endless stream of new faces and places

  • Walkable neighborhoods 

  • Ambitious (non tech) people 

  • Late night food 

  • Energy

  • Perspective 

What I hope to do in New York:

  • Find an airy, light filled office where we build Luma and host events

  • Join or create basketball and running groups

  • Host bi-weekly dinners / meetups around some central theme 

  • Get involved with pro housing and pro transit groups 

I’ve only spent about a month cumulatively in New York. So I’m excited and apprehensive to chart new territory. 

If you know of anyone I should meet in NYC, let me know! 

Announcing Build Club

I have so many friends that are building really cool things from open source projects to LED art projects to crypto projects to billion dollar companies. (You are probably one of them!)

I’ve learned so much from these people and I am constantly asking them for help. But most of these people haven’t spoken at a single conference and you wouldn’t know how awesome and helpful they are.

So I’m starting this club to bring people together, host events, and see what we can build together.

I’m planning on starting with a series of short tech talks online. We have a bunch of great hosts already confirmed.

If you are interested in speaking or participating or just have thoughts:

And if you have an idea for a better name that Build Club, let me know…