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‚Äč‚ÄčBeatriz A (SUMA Wealth), Leander H, Brandon M, Hanzla R (WriteSea), Rihanna (Fenty)

‚ÄčThe market is interesting right now. Inflation is slowing, interest rates are high, the real estate market is said to be thawing, retail spending is up, unemployment is at a 54-year low, the number of jobs is up, tech companies are shedding employees, we're in a richsession...and depending on who you ask, the economy is okay, the best to build/invest in, and for others, it's falling apart and heading into the worst recession of all time. Ha!

‚ÄčAnywho, I hope you enjoyed Rihanna‚Äôs Super Bowl performance (while pregnant!) and had a wonderful Black Love Day (Feb 13) and Valentine‚Äôs Day (Feb 14) this week. Did you know that Valentine‚Äôs Day was a day originally meant to celebrate two early Christian martyrs but then it was leveraged by marketers to sell Cadbury chocolates and U.S. Greeting Cards? Yup. And since then Valentine‚Äôs Day evolved into what we know it to be today. I prefer Black Love Day, a holiday that promotes speaking out against violence and spreading peace and love.

‚ÄčSpeaking of Black love. Black History Month has inspired me to dig into my African roots. I‚Äôm 7.3% African with ancestry including Senegambian, Guinean, North African, Southern West African, Angolan, and Congolese which goes all the way back to the 1700s. I‚Äôm curious about how my family tree went from Africa to Latin America. I can imagine that the Sub-Saharan slave trade, the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, and colonization are part of the story.

‚ÄčHave you looked into your ancestry timeline lately?

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‚ÄčBrandon Mitchell, Hanzla Ramey, Leander Howard II, and Amit Nath for raising a $2M pre-seed round for¬†Write Sea. Beatriz Acevedo of SUMA Wealth (port co) acquired Reel. Calanthia Mei and Brendan Playford of Masa (port co) for launching Masa Mainnet. Allison Esposito Medina for her exit and sale of Tech Ladies. Roby Pe√Īacastro of Leadsales (port co) for making ASEM's E-100 Generation list. Meg Pryde of Brandefy (port co) for making InStyle's 15 Best Indie Beauty Brands list. ‚ÄčSamara Hernandez (Ganas LP) of Chingona Ventures for ‚Äčmaking Bloomberg Linea's 100 Influential Latinos list. Zehra Naqvi (Ganas Deal Partner) for becoming Head of Founder Community at Republic (port co).


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