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‚ÄčTanya Menendez (Snowball Wealth), Severi Wilson (Resilia), Brian Hollins & Aaron Samuels (Collide Capital)

‚ÄčThis week, Josh and I celebrated 9 years of marriage and reflected on what our time together has taught us about pursuing happiness. I'll share our insights, in hopes that it helps you. I talk about parenthood, living arrangements, and celebration. From the start, we were pressured to be parents by our families but opted against it after talking it through and realizing that being parents wasn't our dream. It's okay if you want to be childfree too. It's also okay if you want to freeze your eggs and have children later in life, have a surrogate give birth to your children, adopt, or have a child on your own now. There's no wrong choice - only a right one for each of us. And from our experience, honoring our truth has brought Josh and me joy.

‚ÄčFact: 44% of US non-parents ages 18 to 49 say it is unlikely that they‚Äôll have kids.

‚ÄčIn terms of living arrangements, I always wanted to live in the city for the action and Josh in the suburbs for peace and quiet. We made space to do both, and our happy place turned out to be a suburb that's close enough to an airport. Now, we get action outside of San Diego and peace in it. I recommend suburb living for more space for your money and opportunities to relax. For us, suburban life has also meant having the space to build a multi-generational loving home that includes my mom and siblings.

‚ÄčFact: 20% of US homes are multigenerational - the majority are Black and Latine.

‚ÄčFiguring out what makes sense for each of us (you) and honoring it is key. That's what, in my opinion, has led to more good in our relationship than bad - because, yes, there have been tough spots where we've had to ask for help from each other and therapists. Truth is that there's always something to work on (e.g., individual-couple-family issues) and what's important is to stay true to ourselves and do one more thing: celebrate the good in our lives.

‚ÄčFact: 24.4% of white, 15.3% of Black, and 12.6% of Latine US adults get therapy.

‚ÄčIn celebration of our anniversary, we did what we both love to do: eat. We ate what we had the day when we eloped: mimosas, French toast, and eggs Benedict. How are you going to celebrate you and the good in your life today?

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