How to Boldly Step into the New Year - 5 Keys to equip you.

Nations of Women
Jan 3, 2023

Today has the potential to become the beginning of a masterpiece... Happy New Year 2023 to each of you.

I pray this year brings you peace, Joy, happiness, prosperity, health, success and above all LOVE because Love always wins!

Today Dr Tina shares essential steps for you to use as a guide to the new year. She talks about taking a personal retreat as a way to receive fresh empowerment, direction and a renewal of your mindset.

The 5 Keys to equip you are:

  1. Uncensored gratitude to God, when we give thanks we make room for a million more miracles to come our way.

  2. A Personal honest appraisal of yourself, you can consider these areas: spiritual life, mental transformation, health and wellness, purpose and assignment, finances, relationships etc.

  3. Direction for clarity, when you're clear on your direction, it's easier to lay aside everything that so easily weighs you down or entangles you so that you can run with much speed and perseverance the race of life set before you.

  4. Plan and resolutions, consider your values, principles, responsibilities and resources, you need a good strategic plan in place, after all, failing to plan is planning to fail.

  5. Measurable actions to execute your plans.

Finally, don't regret the lost time, or the losses in life. Remember there is always hope and there is always restoration, don't be pulled down by any regrets or failures, even a tree has hope when it's cut down, you can get back up and you can find hope and restoration.

You can listen to the full conversation here: NowWomanTalks.Com, if you prefer to read the full story you can read this and many other stories in the NowWomanMagazine by clicking here. It is also available on YouTube :

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Until next week, enjoy the pursuit of your potential,

Your time is NOW!

Dr Tina and NOW Team

What happening this Month?

14th: We take to the table for the first session in 2023 of our Thinking Partners Round Table.

21st: We join with all the women of faith around the world, we are gathering as one to Get Set for the year. It's going to be the Word of the Lord 2023 for Women, we are coming to gain renewal of strength, and receive direction and fresh empowerment from God. You can join us /Share about this by clicking here

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