Powerful Ideas

Mar 12, 2023

The Hunger Games is streaming on Netflix until the end of this month. I’m running through the series thinking about the power of symbolism and ideas. It’s long so I gotta multi-task and get this message to you all. 🏁

I have the pleasure of joining one of my favorite organizations, Junior Achievement of Central Indiana, for a couple of engagements this month. One of their flagship events, JA JobSpark, brings career inspiring moments to our youth each year. ECN did a feature on the event that you can checkout to learn about this annual idea sparking event.

You can support Junior Achievement in their mission to expose our youth to powerfully foundational ideas by supporting their Best and Brightest fundraiser. They’ve nominated me twice now so spreading this opportunity is the least I can do.

The ELITE Fellowship has been going crazy this Spring and I couldn’t be more proud. We’re up to 14 Fellows this cohort with only about half getting college credit for participation. The rest are graduates who have volunteered to continue participating for personal growth and development. Their work is regularly published on elitecoalition.com and I would be remiss not to thank them here. 🙏 You all are all stars! 🌟

Putting on the last chapter of Mockingjay and I’m glad we can unite through much more civil uprisings today. Like inspiring the next generation to be producers and not solely consumers. Imagine producing a two hour film… four times. Sheeeesh 😆

Okay. I’m done. Have a good weekend Familia 👁️‍🗨️⚔️🏁