Playbook — Migrate from Substack to Luma

Victor Pontis
Aug 2, 2021

While Substack is a great way to distribute newsletters, it doesn't provide a good tools for developing an active community.

We've built Luma Communities to encourage member interaction and to foster relationships between members.

With a Luma Community, your members will be able to access private content, find other members, meet in events, and even chat within Luma.

Here is a playbook for transferring from Substack to Luma:

Luma Profile + Luma Community

While Substack gives you one page for public and private content, Luma gives you different pages for your public and private content.

Your public content will live on your Luma Profile (here is an example) while your private content and community home will live in your Luma Community.

Step 1 — Set Up Your Luma Profile

You can customize your Luma Profile here:

Be sure to add a Posts block to your Luma Profile since that's how we will display your public blog posts.

Bonus — Import Old Substack Posts

For now, contact us about this! We will help you do this on the backend.

Step 2 — Import Your Free Audience

You can export your entire Substack list from your Substack Dashboard → Subscribers tab.

Once you have exported those members, you can import them into your Luma Audience here:

When you import members, you can add the tag "Substack" so you know where they came from.

Once you have imported members into your audience, you will be able to send them newsletters from within Luma.

Step 3 — Set Up Your Luma Community

Your Luma Community gives your paying members a warm home where they can find private content, register for events, and meet other members.

Create a community and populate it by adding events, adding to the library, and customizing member profiles.

Set up payment options on the Settings → Payment tab so that new members can pay for access to your community.

Add a link to your Luma Community on your Luma Profile so that people can discover your Luma Community.

Step 4 — Import Paying Members to Your Community

We will help with this for now! Contact us 😀

Step 5 — Launch

Now you'll want to let your members know that you've launched on Luma

Hi, I wanted to share an exciting development for the community.

I've been looking for a space where we can connect beyond this blog. And I think I've found the place with our new community on!

In our private, you'll be able to find private posts, browse the member directory, see upcoming events, and chat with other members.

If you are a paying member of the Substack, you'll get an invite to the Luma Community shortly or you can sign in with your email here (todo link this).

If you are a free member, you don't need to do anything! You'll still get emails as usual, but they'll be coming from Luma.

Really excited!