Introducing Fission Reactor: Applied Research Community Call

Fission Reactor is our new applied research team, and we're hosting community calls on the last Thursday of the month to present ongoing research results and progress. You can register for the calls on Luma

Quinn Wilton, who joined the team in February, will be presenting the first call next Thursday, April 28th, 9am PT, 12pm ET, 1800 CET:

Dialog: a far edge database for local-first applications and autonomous computing agents.

Dialog is an eventually consistent data store that combines content-addressable storage, from projects like IPFS, with the rich distributed query semantics of Datalog. It builds off of existing ideas from the WebNative SDK to empower developers to build new types of local-first applications.

We're excited to be breaking ground on the next piece of our edge computing stack. You're welcome to follow along with our research team, and soon, get involved in the implementation of this open source codebase.