015 💡Maximize Your Impact: The Power of Delegation🚀

LaTecia Johnson
Jan 29, 2023

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It’s the last weekend in January and nearly the end of a 31-day sprint for me.

Over the last 4-weeks, I’ve broken down my predictions for the creator economy in the year ahead, how to use those predictions to grow your revenue to $250,000 over the same time, and how to build a launch plan to reach your target audience.

 Cheers to consistency.

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This week, I am sharing what I believe is one of the most important elements to ensure success for you as the founder of your own creator-led business: effective delegation.

I’ve worked across several companies while also leading my own and the most significant determinant of a project’s success almost always boils down to three things:

#1 The trust (or lack of) between the leader and their team
#2 The team’s level of autonomy
#3 The systems in place to ensure success

I was a solopreneur the first year of my studio, then started hiring out of necessity.  I was tired, overworked, and desperately needed help. 

I hired the first person who expressed interest in working with me, and because of my limited budget (remember those $1,500 services), I was also limited on the level of skill I wanted to require.

Big mistake.

Several missed deadlines, late nights, and angry clients later, I had to fire the person.  I was still tired, overworked, and in desperate need of help.

When it came time to hire again, I put a lot more thought, effort, and budget into my next few hires: a creative strategist and a project manager.  Both hires grew into their roles, received promotions, and now work with me as core members of the studio team.  

I’ve also had hires that were huge misses that caused more headaches and money than I care to share but taught me valuable lessons about the importance of building trust and setting up teams for success.

Here’s how you can avoid making critical mistakes as you’re preparing to scale your business.

Structure your systems

 The first step to any delegation framework is to first structure the system.  This matters even if you’re the only one in the business.  Is there a particular way you like to onboard clients? Have you found an easier way to do this because you’ve done it for so long? That’s really great stuff to know – so write it down or record yourself doing it.

 It will take time at first, but you’ll be glad you did when during client work and need to onboard someone quickly.  My team currently has a massive database of SOPs, templates, and best practices they can refer to whenever they are stuck on something.  

I’ve found it helps to build trust and autonomy if they review the videos or content beforehand, attempt it, then come to me with questions.

 This small step completely shifted our interactions and saves so much time in the long run.

Identify areas you can offload

A key part of delegation is getting crystal clear about what you can offload to others and what will always require your input.

 Case-in-point: Founder-led sales. 

There was a period when I was completely burned out and thought that the solution was to offload the sales process to free up my time for other things like strategy and growth.

Those factors are absolutely important elements to cover as a leader, but so are closing deals! There’s no point in a great strategy if you don’t have the revenue to execute it.

 What I learned throughout this process is to vigorously inspect the actions I’m taking on a daily/weekly/monthly cadence and offload anything that isn’t revenue – strategy – growth-focused.

Thinking about systems, creating pitch decks or proposals, following up on emails, and anything else that can be taught has been documented, detailed, and offloaded so I can focus on the areas that have the most impact: cultivating a team of great leaders and growing the business.

Offload and get out of the way

This is the hardest part.   For me, it’s been a delicate balance in learning how to show I’m there without always jumping in to do it myself. 

I’m still learning how to do this, but once you’ve built the systems, documented them, and identified where to offload: actually doing it is going to be the difference maker.


In summary, maximizing your impact as a founder will be key to realizing your goals for your creator-led company and setting you up for sustained success.  To grow, you’ll need a team of people who understand your systems, can execute continuously, and free you up for the areas that drive the most value.

To do that, you’ll need to learn how to delegate effectively, and I recommend focusing on these 3 areas:

Week #1: Structure Your Systems  
Week #2: Identify Areas to Offload
Week #3: Offload and get out of the way  

That’s all for this week.

Thanks for reading.

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