Open Source Fellowship: tiptap by Hans Pagel and Philipp Kühn

Victor Pontis
Sep 1, 2021

This is the first project we are supporting as part of the Luma Open Source Fellowship.

We chose to support tiptap because it's been an essential part of building out our text editor at Luma. There are so many editor libraries out there but we've appreciated how tiptap is incredibly well designed, extensible, and always improving. 

Fun fact: this post was written using the Luma Editor that was built on tiptap.

The Makers — Philipp and Hans

Philipp Kühn: Creator of tiptap
Hans Pagel: Co-Creator & Maintainer of tiptap

Philipp and Hans both studied design, but ended up in development. That’s why they approach every project like a product, even the open source package tiptap which they started in 2018. Back then, all text editors came with ready-to-use styling, but they wanted to have full control about everything. 

That’s why they build their own rich text editor, which has a ton of extensions to add functionality, and a powerful API to write your own extensions, but comes without any styling at all. It’s up to you! Use the framework you like, write the CSS that fits your workflow, create the editor experience you want. They will just back you up with the technology to build cool things.

By now, tiptap is one of the most popular text editors (~800,000 downloads/month) and used by teams like GitLab, Statamic or Nextcloud. With the backing of their own company, the digital product agency überdosis, and hundreds of sponsors from the community, they are able to work full-time on it and improve it every day.

The Event

We are hosting a conversation with Hans tomorrow at 11am Eastern / 5pm CEST.

P.S. We'd be remiss to support tiptap without acknowledging the great work of ProseMirror which tiptap is built on top of.