My 3rd product of the Year (The Indiecast #2)

Makers Rocket
Apr 10, 2021

There’s something I learned from Launching 2 times this year. Be Confident, and Be Honest. Creating content online is all about helping other people out, and finding value to give back.

I’ve been able to build 2 amazing products, The Indie cast and Makers rocket, and I can’t tell you everything I learned why? Because I’ve learned a lot, Here’s some of the Best Ideas, and Pratice’s I’ve learned so far!

  1. Build A Audience
    You need to build an Audience before you give anything to people. This helps you Be more honest, get more out there, and Tell people about yourself.

    I started building Makers Rocket without an Audience, and I can tell you It’s not something you like. And With Audiences, You can get more on what you have.

  2. Network, and connect with new people

    I’ve connected with so many folks since January, and I can say that helped me bring more and create better Products. In fact, I made my first sale from A New Network Today alone.

    And that’s what I have for this week! I’m sorry I don’t have any new content, I’ll send you them when I Pubilsh them.

    BTW, the Indie Kit, My newest Product will be on PH at 3am/12PST Tonight, If you want to check it out it’s here