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Hey friends,

It's that time of the year and many are likely counting down the hours 'til their holiday break. Whether you're spending time with loved ones, or... alas like me, quarantining from the plague, I hope that you're taking the time to reflect, but also think about the activities that you're doing.

In my day job as a community advocate, I spend a lot of time talking about activities.

With the year coming to an end, I'm thinking a lot about not only the community activities I participate in but the activities I'm partaking in my day-to-day.

Activities in a community sense can include things like

  • replying to tweet

  • attending an event

  • providing feedback in a discord

The day to day activities we do in our day to day include:

  • daily habits, brushing teeth, washing face, etc

  • mental health routines, therapy, medications

  • fitness/exercise routines

  • spending time with family, or friends

  • hobbies, errands, or other personal pursuits

These activities still take up time, energy, and space in our worlds. As cliche as it is — I think it's important to use this time to reflect on what activities are taking up our mental and physical energy.

How are we providing ourselves with the right resources in order to accomplish what we want to achieve? What energy do we need mentally and physically to execute the goals we have at hand?

As you celebrate the wins that we've had, or pour one out for the things we've lost in 2021, let's hold a reserve for the actions that we want to do in the coming year. And yes, that reserve can be holding time, energy, and space for resting.

I'd love to hear what activities are important to you! Send me an email and tell me what's up.


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