VP#105 — Luma Releases, Paddington, Running

Victor Pontis
Jul 26, 2021

Luma is hiring software engineers + designers. If you refer someone who joins, we'll give you $15k — shoot us an email. We've come really close to giving this bonus out. So will you be the first one??

OK so it looks like these formerly weekly updates are now turning monthly!

Luma Releases — Paid Communities + Notifications

Two weeks ago we launched Paid Communities on Luma. This lets community leaders charge for access to their online course, paid community, or conference.

This week (tomorrow) we are going to launch a Notifications tab inside the community and a beta of Community Cohorts which has some exciting beta testers including First Round.

At the start of this quarter, we outlined a bi-weekly release schedule and it's helping to keep ourselves on track!

Paddington Movie Review

My housemates in New York have been telling me that Paddington 2 is the best movie of all time. This is technically true according to the arcane rules that Rotten Tomatoes uses. But it convinced me enough to watch Paddington.

And I loved Paddington and Paddington 2!

The movie is ostensibly about a young bear whose jungle home gets damaged in an earthquake and decides to start a new life in London. But it's really about how you should try to see the best in people and how overwhelming kindness can surmount almost all barriers.

Paddington is also a pretty good follow on Twitter with quips like "It has been a nice weekend."

Running ➡️ 5K and Mile PRs!

I've been running more mileage, more consistently. And I've also run a couple races!

I ran two PRs:

  • Mile — 5:15 in Prospect Park, Brooklyn

  • 5k — 19:12 in Rockaway Beach. We took the Ferry back which is basically a sea tour of New York and it only costed $2.50

After the 5k in Rockaway! (This was actually a really fast race and the winner came in at 14 minutes. I was just happy he didn't lap me...)

After the mile in Prospect Park with Ben who was really close to me in time but unfortunately had to run in a different heat.

In a couple weeks, I'm going to run the Brooklyn Mile and my stretch goal is a 5:05.

Goals Coming Up

Each week, I've been setting goals for the upcoming week. But I haven't been emailing those out like in the past.

Right now the goals are revolving around the following:

  • Running — Steadily increasing my weekly mileage which is now at 20 miles / week

  • Luma

    • Releases — build fun new stuff

    • Hiring — hiring engineers, designers, + a community lead