3 news from me.

Ece Kurtaraner
Aug 2, 2021

Happy Monday!

Hope you had an ace start to the week. Have 3 news to share with you today:

1- See all August sessions here.

Every Tuesday and Thursday if you wish to join me for coworking and every Friday for a short review session. I am planning to have some time off at the end of August, that’s why you see only two weeks.

2- Asking for your help with this fundraising campaign: work together for good

Some wildfires in Turkey started last week and still can’t be kept in control in more than 100 different locations, affecting villages and residential areas, despite authorities claiming everything is under control. Unfortunately, countless animals were injured and hundreds of people lost their homes.

I am trying to support a local organization HAYTAP (Federation of Animal Rights) and volunteers working hard on site to help them.

3- The first issue of the Fora Club is out!

I finally launched a newsletter. A monthly email on events, communities and productivity. You can read the first issue here and subscribe here.

Do you have any news for me?

Have a great August!