VP#104 — Tech, Mom, Running

Victor Pontis
Jun 28, 2021

Luma is hiring software engineers + designers. If you refer someone who joins, we'll give you $15k — shoot us an email.

Luma's Tech Stack

I wrote a blog post about the tech we use at Luma

My Mom Visited NYC

My mom visited New York for about a week! We spent a lot of time walking around the city — Dumbo, West Village, High Line, Little Island + Soho.

And we had a really nice lunch at Via Carota (pictured below)

Running Goal ➡️ Sub 5 Min Mile

I'm once again focused on my goal to run a sub-5 minute mile. I did a benchmark run on Saturday and ran a 5:55 mile followed by a 6:05 mile with 6 minutes rest between the two.

In the past, I've gotten too excited and ramped up my training too quickly and injured myself. So this time, I'm doing my best to gradually ramp up my mileage around 10-15% per week.

Goals for the Week

  • Run 16-17 miles — not more!

  • Launch new Luma Communities landing page

  • Improve recruiting pipeline (see above re $15k referral!)