Fellowship Opportunity

Aug 17, 2022

What it doooo?! This is Mike.

I've been operating a fellowship program with media students at Ball State for the past couple of years. During the program, we develop personal trajectory plans for each fellows professional growth. This summer's cohort has been great and many are progressing to positions with the firm or a second semester with us this fall.

We aren't accepting any more school credit receiving applicants for the fall; however, I am opening several seats for brand builders who want to sharpen their skill set. I believe that the best education happens AFTER leaving the traditional school system and so I don't want to limit this growth opportunity to individuals who are in school.

If you aren't in school and would like to develop your ability to produce media, plan your productivity, and network professionally, you can now apply for our Fall '22 ELITE® Fellowship. Applications close on August 31st.