Week Update — Dec 5, 2021

Victor Pontis
Dec 6, 2021

So I've dropped off writing these, but I'm back!

For a refresher, I write a weekly email on Sundays that covers what I've been up to along with goals. I find it helpful for both reflection and planning. All that to say... hi, again!

Thanksgiving in Solana Beach

For Thanksgiving, I flew to San Diego and spent a week with my mom and her dog staying at an AirBnB near the beach. I haven't minded the winter in New York, but it was a nice change of pace.

On Black Friday I hosted my high school's 10 year reunion at a nearby brewery. I didn't know what to expect but it was ridiculously fun. If you have a big reunion coming up, I recommend you go! Everyone was so much nicer than high school and most people I hadn't seen since leaving San Diego.


I saw Dune in IMAX the day it came out with friends who had read the books and built up some friendgroup hype. I loved Dune — the story, the visuals, the expansiveness. It reminded me of first watching Lord of the Rings when I was 8 or 9 when I saw each movie more than 3 times.

So now I'm listening to the Dune audio book which is also incredible. It's more cinematic than any audiobook I've listened to replete with sound effects, music, and voice actors.

Luma — Emails and Solana

For Luma, I've been working on some big improvements to emails within Luma. You're now able to customize the registration and reminder emails that go out with each event. And there are a few more fun things coming up this week...

I've also been playing around with Solana which we are going to incorporate into lu.ma/crypto. This week I plan on releasing a public Solana API along with a short writeup.

P.S. I'm finishing up this email just in time to start the Advent of Code problem tonight. I'm doing it in Rust and you can find my solutions here.

Until next week!