All Things VC - Feb 23' Edition

Rohit Yadav
Mar 1, 2023

Take a peek into the world of VC and all that happened in February.


  1. Startup valuations were down (especially for late-stage) (here). Funding to startups trended downwards, and founders are adjusting to the new realties of longer wait times (here). Valuations at the early stage remained more robust (here).

  2. VC fundraising also went through a down phase (here). Dry-powder remains in the system (here). Governments are acting by building Fund-of-Funds or injecting directly into startups (here).

  3. Even if a big-brand institutional investor has underperformed in their VC investments, the truth can lie far beyond the performance of ‘VC as an asset class’ (here)

  4. VC world needs more diversity - in terms of founding teams, in terms of money flowing to startups, and also in terms of VCs who are getting funded by LPs (here)

  5. VCs need to watch out for who they accept as LPs (here), and on the other hand, LPs need to think about liquidity management (here). VCs need to show off their abilities (here) and can differentiate themselves through their operating experience (here) or by becoming less biased (here)