Weekly Update — 2020-03-24

Victor Pontis
Mar 24, 2021

So I’m not sure if I can call this a weekly update anymore... My last weekly update was on December 7th. A lot has happened since then!

One of the more exciting things is that I’m sending this from Luma! I’ve been working on improving our newsletter capabilities and they’ve reached a point where I can use Luma instead of Substack 😃.

OK, let’s see what else has happened lately…


In the past month or so a ton of people I know have gotten vaccinated. Both my mom and my dad. Friends at higher risk.

And I got vaccinated too —

A friend told me on Thursday night that there were a bunch of open appointments in Sacramento that they wanted to fill. So we booked an appointment and drove 2 hours to get a vaccine the next morning.

Luma — Improved Dashboard + Audience View

We recently rolled out a new Luma dashboard. With that comes with a much more powerful audience view. (That’s actually where I’m sending this newsletter from!)

I’m Learning Greek

Right now I’m going thru the process of applying to get Greek citizenship. (My mom’s parents are from Greece and immigrated to America in the early 1900s.)

So as part of the process I’m trying to learn Greek. I just had my first tutoring lesson last weekend and I’ve been watching episodes of Sto Para Pente to gain more exposure myself in the language.

My biggest learning so far is that the way we teach langauge in school is sooo broken. I spent 6 years learning Spanish via vocab cards, grammar rules, and conjugations and I still barely speak Spanish.

Instead we should be focusing on understanding media and communication. Then language learning will happen as a byproduct. I’m trying to learn Greek by understanding a TV show, not by learning the grammar rules of the Greek language.