3 Best Desert Safari Deals in Dubai

An incredible desert safari adventure awaits you at the most famous Desert Safari Dubai, an Exotic 6 hours tour in the dazzling Desert of Dubai which is dipped into the rich cultural milieu of excitement and thrill. The tour comprises the exciting activities such as Belly Dance, Dune Bashing, Sandboarding, Tanura Dance, Camel Riding and Horseshoe Rodeo. All these are arranged in a well planned backdrop of the amazing desert scenery. The activities are arranged so as to give a perfect feeling to the guests.

A Dubai desert safari will take you on a ride over the sand dunes of the Abu Dhabi desert. On your way, you will pass through the traditional villages of Fujairah, Ras Mohammed, and Satwa before reaching the bazaar of Satwa. Here you will find traditional Bedouin stores and restaurants serving local aloes, dates, sweets, fish and poultry, rice and spice. The bazaar offers visitors an exotic shopping experience. The desert safari will end at Al-Wasi Al-Arab Hotel where you will have a chance to visit the Bedouin camps and to participate in a traditional Bedouin ritual called "ta'ziyeh" during which traditional dancers perform traditional dance.

Before leaving for desert safari Dubai, prepare all your requirements, such as travel documents, visa, driving license and camping equipment. Have yourself dressed appropriately according to the weather. Your Bedouin guide will provide you with necessary information about the weather and the time. Prepare for the day's activities according to the plan given to you by your Bedouin guide.

The Bedouins of Dubai will organize your Bedouin tent-tents at a place that is comfortable and safe for you and your family. You will be taken to a Bedouin camp where you will have breakfast (the local Bedouin cookery is excellent). After breakfast, you will go to the desert safari camp. Here you will have the pleasure of seeing the wild animals of the desert. This desert safari will end at Al-Wasi Al-Arab hotel where you will have a chance to enjoy a traditional Bedouin bbq dinner.

One of the most popular desert safari tours in Dubai includes a Bedouin sand desert safari tour. Here you will have the pleasure of seeing camels driving along the dunes while the residents of the camp's fire and eat their evening meal. You will also get a chance to see the wild animals of the desert during the desert safari tour. The Bedouin residents will also teach you how to make traditional Bedouin foods during the desert safari tour.

Another desert safari in Dubai will take you to the Al-Baladoun area. Here you will have the pleasure of seeing the stunning artificial ski slopes as well as the traditional Bedouin village of Balad. You will also get to enjoy the camel ride on the Al-Baladoun top. The camel ride takes about three hours and you will also have a chance to enjoy the sand dunes while you are on the camel ride.

One of the desert safari trips in Dubai includes a hot air balloon ride over the desert. This tour allows you to see the magnificent views of the Arabian Desert. You will start the desert camp early in the morning with your morning breakfast and then you will be taken to a beautiful place where you will have a chance to take a desert safari photo shoot. Afterwards, you can return to the desert camp for lunch and to relax in your room.

The cheapest desert safari deals in Dubai include the camel and fire show in Al-Balad. The camel show gives a chance for the visitors to ride on the back of the camel right through the desert. Guests can enjoy the traditional Bedouin style lifestyle as they interact with the Bedouins of the local area. Fire shows give you an opportunity to view the spectacular fire displays that take place throughout the day. The hottest fire show is held on the first and second Sunday of the month and you can enjoy this special event without breaking the bank with the help of the best online travel agents.