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Lolita Taub
Sep 4, 2022

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Bobbie Racette (Virtual Gurus), Arion Long (Femly), Laura Lucas (L’Attitude Ventures), Christoph Janz (Point Nine Capital)

Happy Sunday! After nearly a year in Latin America, I’m back in the US, celebrating my birthday with my family, and feeling grateful for them and for you.

Thank you for welcoming me into your cities, local coffee shops, and inboxes; for joining me on my journey in life; and for helping create a foundation where we can change the status quo and create generational wealth in community.

Special shout out to my family for the unconditional love that fuels me; our global, current and future Ganas family of founders, LPs, advisors, mentors, scouts, and perk partners who enable a more inclusive VC-startup world; to all my new friends from the countries I called home this year (Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, and Colombia); and to all that prove that with ganas anything is possible: Steven A. Rodriguez, Jp Marín Díaz, Guillermo Guzman, Danilo Picucci, Izabel Gallera, Gina Gotthilf, Claire Díaz-Ortiz, Valentina Terranova, Mariano Mayer, Karin Tenenboim, Ezequiel Martín, Agustin Feuerhake, Dani Undurraga, Paula Enei, Matias Zegers, Pat Alex, Christine Chang, Alex Santana, Alex Ramirez, Gabriel Estrada, Humberto Ramirez, Caro Griffin, Alfonso Tinoco, Christine Kenna, Jared Gibb, Andrew P. Rowan, Didier Quiroz, Rogelio Cuevas, Jorge A. Ortiz, Ana Ramos, Lynne B, Pat Alex, René Lomelí Ojeda, Ka, Itzá, Consuelo Valverde, and so many more.*

Lolita Taub, GP at Ganas Ventures
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Laura Lucas and her team at L'ATTITUDE Ventures raised a $100M fund to back Latino founders. Bobbie Racette of Virtual Gurus became the first indigenous woman to raise an $8.4M Series A round. Mac Reddin of Commsor (port co) acquired the AI startup Caravel. Arion Long of Femly received a $20K business grant from BGE. Asya Bradley (Ganas LP) became a partner at Mendoza Ventures. Cara Morphew and the rest of Sweater Ventures joined Ganas Ventures as LPs.

Sponsored | The Science Center is preparing founders for a successful capital raise within six months. The program will give you an investment-ready deal room, simulate capital-related stress scenarios, and provide candid feedback from industry-relevant investors.


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Sponsored | I’m the closing keynote for Stella’s Women's Venture Summit 2022! Join me at this 2-day event in San Diego on Sept. 16-17 and participate in stellar founder and funders panels & workshops. Bonuses: enjoy the summits’ Women’s Fast Pitch finals, deal flow, and investment opportunities, and get $159 off your event ticket with promo code: LOLITA.


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Sponsored | Latitud (port co) is hosting their biggest event of the year in São Paulo, Brazil, on Sept 21st featuring a bunch of big names and bringing together 1,000 people from the Latin American entrepreneurial ecosystem. Go to vls.latitud.com and apply the code Lolita25 to get your discount!


Santander X | US and LATAM tech founders: apply for $120k by 9/8

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