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New York City now requires vaccination proof for indoor activities and Los Angeles is requiring everyone to wear masks indoors again. AARP published a mask requirement by state guide. Rich people have a new headache: even more rich people 😂 and apparently some of them are leaving the US. My favorite find: this company plans to help dogs live longer.

Speaking of living longer, we need to remember that we’re human and admit to ourselves that self-care is a strength - and not a weakness. So take Simone’s lead.

“We’re human […]. So, we have to protect our mind and our body, rather than just go out there and do what the world wants us to do.” - Simone Biles 

BTW, since the last issue, I’ve been working on addressing my limiting belief of not asking for help due to a fear of robbing others of things they (and their families) need. And I made progress thanks to Elizabeth, who pointed out that by not asking, I’m robbing people of the joy of helping me. I definitely do not want to rob anyone of joy. So, although the thought of it makes me uncomfortable, I welcome your support.

Speaking of support, I want to publicly thank Irshad for teaching Josh, new friends, and me how to create a safe space for diversity without division by encouraging courageous and honest conversations about polarizing topics, such as DEI (who knew?), religion, and politics. You reminded us of how important it is to listen to opposing views, respect them, and speak without self-censorship (which too many of us do for fear of retribution) to build bridges that bring us all forward. 

Cheers to making progress together.

✨ Lolita Taub
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Rihanna became a billionaire. Reese Witherspoon sold Hello Sunshine for nearly a billion. Constance Freedman and Liza Benson raised $200M for Moderne Ventures. Jessica Lin and Jonathan Lehr raised $100M for Work Bench’s third fund. Dave Salvant and Songe LaRon raised $60M for Squire Technologies. Samir Kaji and Hana Yang raised $5M for Allocate. Feras Jalbout raised $4M for Baraka. Alex Marshall joined Silicon Valley Bank as an LP Director. Tonna Obaze joined Harlem Capital as a Chief of Staff and Investor.

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