VP#101 — LA, Startups, and Anthony Davis

Victor Pontis
May 10, 2021

Hi! For the last week I’ve been in Los Angeles at a house with 20 or so other startup people called Launch House. We’re living in a big house nestled in the hills above West Hollywood.

It’s nearly the opposite of what I’ve been doing for the past year — holing up with a small group of friends to avoid COVID. At first, I thought it would take time to readjust to meeting people in person and going out. But in just a week, I can’t imagine going back to a world of masks and isolation.

Here’s the view from our balcony. It’s an amazing house in a location that reminds me why I wouldn’t want to live in LA (you have to drive everywhere).

But LA has one thing that no other city has… the Lakers! I went to the Lakers game tonight and saw Anthony Davis and the Lakers thoroughly reck the Suns.

It was really fun to see the Lakers live but the COVID rules are so strange. You need to prove vaccination or COVID test and still the stadium was at 5% capacity, enforced distancing, and required mask wearing. California really doesn’t want things to go back to normal.

I’ll be in LA for the next week. And then I’m headed to New York. Exciting times ahead.

Oh and by the way, we’re expanding Luma into a new community platform that pulls together your events, member directory, and more. Here’s a sneak preview, let me know what you think.