💫 Special Edition: An invite from Silicon Valley Bank

Lolita Taub
Sep 15, 2022

This is a special edition of Lolita's Newsletter, a bi-weekly newsletter of curated actionable insights and resources for underestimated founders, funders, and friends.

I’m excited to share this special edition newsletter in collaboration with Rochelle Stewart's and Vanessa Kuhlor’s Silicon Valley Bank New & Strategic Channels “NSC” team because they’re actively creating opportunities for underestimated founders, funders, and friends. - Lolita Taub

A Note from the SVB team

As a founder, during these market conditions, you may be receiving mixed signals. Silicon Valley Bank’s New & Strategic Channels “NSC” team is here to help you sift through the fodder! Our team’s mission is to act as a growth partner to underserved founders and funders in the innovation economy.

Whether it’s rethinking hiring plans or planning your next fundraise – the SVB NSC team is here to support you. We are a team of former founders, operators and investors dedicated to our clients’ success. Wherever you are in your startup journey, we’re here to help.

Silicon Valley Bank’s New & Strategic Channels team also has several key partnerships which can help you in your company’s next chapter. Some of the partners we’ve worked with in the past include Digital Undivided to support Black & Latinx female-founders, and HeyMama to support working moms.

If you’re a founder or funder and interested in joining our founder community, reach out to us in the link below!

-The SVB Team

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored edition of Lolita's Newsletter. Lolita's Newsletter nor Lolita Taub is a financial advisor. Do not take this content as financial advice. Do your own research and consider consulting a professional investment advisor before making any financial decisions.