CV4W April update: recording + new event

John from CV4W
Apr 18, 2023

Hi everyone!

Here are the latest updates from the Creating Visuals for Writing community.

1. Recording: Leslie Kim on Design & Merchandising 🧢

Last month we interviewed graphic designer and online writer Leslie Sam Kim for the 3rd edition of the Creating Visuals for Writing guest series.

During the workshop, Leslie took us through her visual design process and showed us how to merchandise our designs. Rad!

Good news for those who missed it — we recorded the event:

  • Here’s the link to the video and Leslie’s slides

  • Plus a thread summarizing the learnings from the workshop

2. New event: Let's Doodle with Sairam Sundaresan 🖍️

Our next guest lecture is confirmed!

We‘ll be joined by research scientist and writer Sairam Sundaresan whose doodles make machine learning fun.

He is currently hand-illustrating his book AI for the Rest of Us, which covers both timeless fundamentals and modern applications like chatGPT and stable diffusion.

​Sign up below if you'd like to learn more about doodling and visualization:

CV4W Guest Series #4: Let's Doodle with Sairam Sundaresan
Sun, Apr 30, 2023, 6:00 PM UTC

Happy creating and see you soon!

Angie & John