All Things VC - March 23' Edition

Rohit Yadav
Apr 1, 2023

​Take a peek into the world of VC and all that happened in February.


Valuations: Pre-seed post-money valuations are up in March (Link). More than 80% SAFEs have a cap (Link). Investors are telling some startups to close shops (Link). How sector plays a role in pre-seed valuation (Link). While it is easy to draw comparisons to the 2001 dot-com bubble, things are different (Link).

LP & GP dynamics: What LPs think about emerging managers (Link). VCs are returning money to LPs (Link). As there is no analog to beta, VCs incline more towards intangibles (Link). How to raise capital for your Fund (Link).

Market sentiment:  Founders feel investor relationships are positive (Link). 36% drop in exit count from 2021 to 2022 and a 91% drop in exit values over the same period (Link).

Europe needs to pull up. Some are raising voices to reboot EU-wide programs and start over from scratch (Link). Promising early-stage deeptech founders increasingly feel they can’t build something big in Europe (Link).

Special topics: Silicon Valley Bank fallout and related discussions were the biggest news in the VC industry this month (Link). Next, for some reason, VCs were bashing TAM - that too all at once (Link).