January Classes & New Year Resolutions Video

Namasté. Hopefully, everyone is settled into January, an exciting month because it’s one that only gets better, whether that is the temperature, losing the Christmas calories, or focusing on those New Years resolutions!

New Years Resolutions

New Year's resolutions are very important because they signify your commitment to yourself to become 'the best version of yourself. Over the years of all the people I have met and worked with, the happiest and successful ones are those who have made specific goals for themselves on an ongoing basis.

The biggest challenge to achieving what you want? Yourself! A short VIDEO....


In-person classes have started again in Great Waltham for 2022, currently, the Great Waltham classes are the only in-person classes until Covid passes. Susan and I will be working more closely this year offering Yoga & Meditation classes together. Classes are limited in number and you can book to either attend Just Yoga, Just Meditation or both classes back to back on a Tuesday evening from 6 pm. VIDEO. We'd love to see you.

New for 2022

I know after speaking to many of you things have changed (as they always do and will) and more people are hybridising the way they transform themselves, using a mixture of in-person classes and online access. So I am pleased to let you know that at the end of February and with a fair wind, Susan and I will have completed our iPhone/Android app, with all our content, classes and courses in one place. I will shout out when it launches and we would be grateful if you would consider downloading it.

Speak soon and take care of yourselves and your loved ones • Mark >Om Shanti