📣Off the Record Season 3 kicks off

Nov 22, 2021

Hi everyone,

You're getting this email because you registered for an ACJR event in the past. We're excited to kick off the third season of our popular Off the Record series on Wednesday. We'll be covering DAOs this week, and everyone's favourite topic, The Metaverse, next week. Then we have a sponsored session by Edge and Node, who help develop The Graph, the week after that.

Speaking of The Metaverse, this might be the first time a tech buzzword has received more hype than The Blockchain. It's a slightly surreal feeling to be outside the hype vortex for once.

Here's a quick appetizer to get you worked up for our DAO session:
- CoinDesk's ConstitutionDAO coverage
- Decrypt's ConstitutionDAO coverage
- CNBC on DAOs
- Decrypt on Gitcoin
- Paul Dylan-Ennis asks if DAOs are socialist

Sign up for everything here: https://lu.ma/ACJRnetwork

See you!

— Joon, co-president, ACJR