something new for DGS: make sense of the mayor's race

Do Good Shit
Nov 29, 2022

Hey folks!

After last night's letter session, we officially wrote 660 letters to Georgia voters. They went in the mail today ahead of next week's runoff. NICE WORK, and thank you.

This email is about something different and new, but very related and very local!

During our last few sessions we've been discussing what other things the DGS community can get involved in. We're still exploring potential ways to do stuff together, but while it's timely we wanted to share a special event about the upcoming Philly mayor's race the crew.

Now that the mid-terms are over, Philly's mayoral race is the big local "event" and this election is going to be weird in a lot of ways.

Less obvious for folks who are new-ish to Philly is the importance of the primary election. Due to our overwhelmingly democratic voter base, the person who wins the primaries on May 16th is essentially the winner for November. And yes, that means a shockingly small small number of voters will decide who will be. Bonkers.

In addition to that weirdness, this is going to be a crowded race, and voter participation is going to be even more important than usual.

So NEXT Thursday from 4-6pm, IRL at the Indy Hall clubhouse, we'll be hosting an event to help you understand the landscape of this election, the candidates themselves, and ways you can participate over the next 6 months.

During this free event that I'm organizing under The 10k Independents Project, Director of Policy and Advocacy Anne Gemmell will lead an overview of the upcoming mayor's race, and share specific strategies for how you can get involved in supporting your favorite candidates.

If you care about the future of Philadelphia, this event is for you.

​If you want a better understanding of how our next Mayor will be elected, and how you can best support the candidates you believe in, this event is for you.

​If you believe in change through unity and coordination, this event is for you.

​You'll leave with:

  • ​Helpful context for our upcoming election, and the issues being discussed

  • ​A brief history of Philadelphia elections, and what we can learn from them

  • ​Guidance and strategies for how you can get involved in supporting your candidates

This event is free, but RSVP is required to attend. Proof of vaccination + booster is required by Indy Hall's health and safety policies.

​If you cannot attend this date, or prefer an online/virtual event, stay tuned for details about an online version before the end of the year!

Questions? Concerns? Ideas? Hit reply!


P.S. The 10k Independents Project is not backing any specific candidates. Our agenda is transparent, and our organization is led by engaged citizens and small business owners. We aren’t here to tell you what to think, or even ask you for money.

Instead, we’re working to coordinate and unify our networks and communities to ensure our next Mayor works with us, not just for us.

We want to meet you where you are. No political wonkery, just talking to each other like the neighbors and fellow citizens we are.