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Kendrick Nguyen (Republic, port co), Karla Valdivieso (Shappi, port co), Sukhinder Singh Cassidy (Acrew Capital), and Yelitsa Jean-Charles (Healthy Roots Dolls, port co)

🎃 Happy Halloween! Did you know that Halloween is very different from the Mexican Day of the Dead? It is. For example, Halloween tends to center around scary things and trick-or-treating, while the Day of the Dead is all about celebrating our connection and love for those who have passed (a la Coco the Disney movie). And, I’ll be celebrating as a judge at the El Paso Dia Del Los Muertos Startup Pitch Competition

Speaking of startups, have you noticed that investors back a myriad of companies to create a portfolio that mitigates risk and increases chances of making lots of money? We do. Now, why don’t we take a portfolio approach to our careers? If we did, we’d have more fun, develop unique insights that enable creativity and innovation in the market, and stay relevant in a world where 50% of us will need to reskill by 2025.

So, what’s going to be the new add to your career portfolio?  

If this question gives you anxiety because, like me, everyone growing up told you that you needed to figure out the one thing you’re going to do for the rest of your life, know it’s going to be okay. For one thing, we already have portfolio careers. For example, my portfolio includes: operator, investor, founder, and creator. And yes, there will be those who hate on you because a “non-traditional” path is too uncomfortable for them or they can’t see themselves ever being successful doing more than one thing or they have the privilege to not have to do extra hustles or [fill in the blank]. To that end, I say: let’s take a deep breath and do what is right for us. Do you and take care of yourself because this is your life and no one else's.

✨ Lolita Taub
twitter | lu.ma | recently made the Forbes Culture 50 List and was featured in Techcrunch and Forbes.

PS Josh & I are kicking off Native American Heritage Month by heading on our 1-year in Latin America on Nov 7 and our first stop is Mexico City! If you're there, meet us for coffee here.


Lauren Kolodny, Theresia Gouw, and Sukhinder Singh Cassidy raised $1B, including ~$380M for Acrew Capital’s LTV Fund and ~$300M for the Diversify Capital Fund. Sam Smith-Eppsteiner and Innovation Endeavors raised $500M for their fourth fund. Kendrick Nguyen raised $150M for Republic (port co). Shivani Siroya raised $145M for Tala. Ankur Nagpal raised $70M for Vibe Capital. Omar Khan and Garrett Larsson raised $10M for Rhombus Systems (port co). Amanda DoAmaral raised $10M for Fiveable. Tessa Flippin raised $10M to launch Capitalize VC. Jordan Taylor and Edith Cooper raised $3.7M for Medley. Elle Shelley Black raised $2.8M for Cobalt. Karla Valdivieso raised $1M for Shappi (port co). Sandra Shpilberg led the first Hispanic woman SPAC IPO to trade on Nasdaq with Sanaby Health. Li Jin and Atelier Ventures merged with Variant Fund. Sam Kirschner and Erik Torenberg launched OnDeck’s (port co) new ODX accelerator. Yelitsa Jean-Charles launched Healthy Roots Dolls (port co) in Target stores nationwide.

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