Fission April 2021 Demo Day

This Thursday April 15th is our monthly Demo Day, with an overview of how we’re talking about Fission and what we’re seeing people use it for, product updates, plus app and feature demos from the team and the community.

We’ll be covering:

  • Dashboard and App Management: our Dashboard app now has app management features, including showcasing how you can build an app that creates apps for users on the fly, with its own subdomain

  • Serving files with Fission Drive: every account has its own web native file system. Use the Fission Drive app to easily upload files, and then use a simple IPFS gateway API to serve up the files.

As well as other updates and discussion about the Fission’s edge identity, data, and other open source building blocks.

Join us for Demo Day »

And, join us next week, April 22nd, for My life in a Python Package: a Human Programming Interface, by karlicoss »

The latest full video is up on the blog: Overview of LogSeq, with Tienson Qin

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