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Arxiv Dives with πŸ“šπŸ€ΏπŸ‚

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​Hey Nerd, join the Herd!... for a little book/paper review.


​Each week we pick a topic to cover in depth and have open Q/A and discussion. Reading optional πŸ™ƒ.


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​To see past topics head over to our blog which has show notes and links to Youtube videos.


​We've been joined by folks from around the world including leaders from:

​and many more...

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​We'll be sharing datasets relevant to these sessions via our wicked fast and we think, pretty beautiful, To get the most out of participating in Arxiv Dives, we recommend:

​ makes versioning your datasets as easy as versioning your code. Whether Computer Vision, Language Models, or Generative AI, Oxen’s lightning fast version control enables powerful data workflows so you can build cutting-edge AI

​Looking for Practical ML Dives?

​Want to get more hands on? Join us for these sessions where we'll play with the latest models, real world data, live working code, and learning how to apply the lessons to our every day work.

​About Arxiv Dives

​Each week we are diving deep into a topic in machine learning or artificial intelligence. We break down the content into a digestible format and have an open discussion with the team and friends. We like to nerd out, so expect to dive deep! Read more on why we host these in our Arxiv Dive Manifesto.