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🔴 LIVE - Cold Call Teardowns with Owen Richards

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Struggling to book meetings through cold calls?

You spend hours trying to track down the right phone number, finding the perfect time to call, and studying cold call icebreakers.

Your lead finally answers the phone…and it’s a straight no.

Time to fix this!

Join Owen Richards, Cold call expert and CEO and Founder of Air Marketing, on November 16th at 6pm CET (5pm GMT) for a LIVE event to help you book more meetings with calls!

You’ll get:

✅ live tear-downs of real cold calls

✅ tailored advice on how to start your call, hook leads, and book a demo

✅ real time answers from Owen on all your cold calling struggles

✅  a recording and recap of the session

Sign up and we'll see you Wednesday, November 16th, at 6pm Paris time 💙