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Churchill Fellowship information session: Environmental management and sustainability



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To inspire your application for the 2023 Churchill Fellowship round, the Churchill Trust, in partnership with our Churchill Fellows, will be delivering virtual information sessions throughout February 2023.

Environmental management and sustainability

​In this session join Churchill Fellow Sarah May and Jonathan Craven as they share their Fellowship experiences, impart insights on their fascinating projects and motivate you with what they have achieved since returning to Australia. You will also be able to engage in a live Q&A and gain helpful advice on how to apply.

Meet our speakers for this session

Sarah May is passionate about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the opportunity they present to make significant progress in food waste. Sarah is particularly interested in the opportunities for government in transitioning to a ‘circular economy’, where waste is avoided, the value of our resources are preserved for as long as possible, and products and materials are continuously (re) circulated.

Sarah was awarded a Churchill Fellowship in 2017 to research international models for reducing food waste. You can learn more about Sarah here.

Jonathan Craven (Jono) is a Tasmanian vegetable farmer and currently Agriculture Manager at Harvest Moon, Hobart Tasmania. Jono holds an Associate Diploma of Applied Science, Rural Management from the University of Melbourne and a Diploma of Applied Science, Rural Management from Glenormiston Agricultural College. Jono was previously General Manager, Agriculture at Houstons Farm.

Jono was awarded a Churchill Fellowship in 2015 investigate effective recycling of urban and agricultural wastes to provide positive outcomes for agriculture. You can learn more about Jono here.

Applying for a Churchill Fellowship

​A Churchill Fellowship is a life-changing opportunity to travel overseas to explore a topic or an issue you are passionate about. We encourage applications from all sectors of the community and in any field or topic of interest.

​To learn more about how you can become a Churchill Fellow, visit our website  Applications open Wednesday 1 March 2023.


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