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Achieving Financial Freedom | Pratik Oswal Masterclass

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About Event

Pratik Oswal is the Founder & CEO of Glide Invest (A wealth management platform) & heads Passive funds at Motilal Oswal AMC. 

Prior to this, he was heading operations and finance at a Series A fintech startup in San Francisco, CA that managed over $400 million in assets. The company was backed by prominent investors such as Y-Combinator, Khosla Ventures, Chicago Board of Exchange (CBoE), and many others.

Pratik has experience working in Investment Banking, PE, and Hedge Funds. He studied math and economics at Emory University (USA) and has an MBA from London Business School.


What is this session all about?

If you had invested ~3 lakh rupees 12 years ago and received 10% interest, that amount would have been 10lakh today. That’s the power of compounding! And you can take advantage of it by learning how to invest. 

To be free to do what you want, live wherever you want, spend on things you enjoy & celebrate every event earning & savings are not just enough. 

If you are saving under your mattress you are losing 2-3% of its value due to inflation. If you are putting it in just a fixed deposit and hoping to get rich after a 3-4% interest rate & paying tax on it, it’s time to wake up to reality. 

You need to invest your money in the markets so that it can compound & help you live your rich life. Even if you don’t have a huge salary, or a startup or side business.

To help you understand the nuances of investing we have a financial expert, Pratik Oswal in the house. He will be taking a 1-hour masterclass on what should be the right strategy for beginners to profitably invest in the markets 

It’s a free masterclass where you will learn how to:

  • Align your financial goals with your investment strategy

  • Create a successful investment plan that you can automate 

  • Take advantage of the different financial products to maximize profits

  • Diversify your portfolio with several different investment types to reduce risks

  • Analyze different types of asset classes (stocks, bonds, property, etc.) & pick what's right for your goals

By the end of this masterclass, you will have actionable insights on how to manage, grow and analyze your investments.

There will be Q&A towards the ends so you will be able to ask any of your burning questions around investment from Pratik. 

Note: The information presented in the masterclass is not intended as financial advice, and you are encouraged to seek such advice from your financial consultants.