Cover Image for 香港Web3金融應用元年系列 - 香港證券代幣發行STO的發展與機會
Cover Image for 香港Web3金融應用元年系列 - 香港證券代幣發行STO的發展與機會
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香港Web3金融應用元年系列 - 香港證券代幣發行STO的發展與機會

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由香港菁英會、香港中國金融協會及 OSL 主辦的「香港Web3金融應用元年系列 - 香港證券代幣發行STO的發展與機會」研討會,探索 STO 在金融世界演變和前景。隨著科技的進步和區塊鏈的興起,STO 已經改變了公司和投資者進行證券市場交易的方式。我們將深入探討STO的好處,包括提高流動性、股權分散持有、以及簡化所有權轉讓等。




  1. Davin Wu | BC科技集團及OSL 財務總監 致歡迎詞

  2. 「香港證券代幣發行STO的發展與機遇」專題討論,嘉賓為:

    • Davin Wu | BC科技集團及OSL 財務總監

    • Alex Yang | Volmart 行政總裁

    • Gilbert Ng | 區塊鏈法律代表, OKX/ Huobi 前法律主管

    • 主持人:Wilson Choi, CFA | 香港菁英會金融研究會主任

  3. 嘉賓演講

    • Angelina Kwan | 香港證券及投資學會董事 及 匡豐有限公司董事總經理

    • Eric Wong | Bricks & Mortar Management 創辦人, 前瑞銀亞洲地產研究主管 發表主題演講

  4. 交流環節

如果您是研究人員、企業家、投資者、律師、監管機構以及任何有興趣探索STO帶來的巨大機遇和挑戰的人,請即報名參加活動,與我們一同探討 STO 在金融樞紐地的發展和未來機會,發掘證券型代幣在香港未來的巨大潛力。我們期待在這個有意義的活動中見到您!

You're invited to the trailblazing Hong Kong Web3 Finance Inaugural Series - exploring "The Evolution and Promise of Security Token Offerings in Hong Kong."

Presented by the Y.Elites Association of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Chinese Financial Association (HCFA), and OSL, join us for an exciting event exploring the evolution and prospects of Securities Token Offering (STO) in the world of finance. With the advancements in technology and the rise of blockchain, STOs have revolutionized the way companies and investors engage in the securities market.

*Language: Mandarin/Cantonese

🗒️ Agenda

  1. Welcome remarks by Davin Wu | CFO, BC Group & OSL

  2. Panel Discussion - The Evolution and Prospects of Security Token Offerings (STOs)

    • Davin Wu | CFO, BC Group & OSL

    • Alex Yang | CEO, Volmart

    • Gilbert Ng | Blockchain Lawyer, ex-head of legal OKX/ Huobi

    • Moderated by Wilson Choi, CFA | Director of Financial Research Committee, The Y.Elites Association of Hong Kong

  3. Guest Speakers

    • Angelina Kwan | Board Director, HKSI Institute and Managing Director, Stratford Finance Limited

    • Eric Wong | Founder, Bricks & Mortar Management, Former Head of Asia Property Research, UBS

  4. Networking

This event is open to researchers, entrepreneurs, investors, lawyers, regulators, and anyone interested in exploring the immense opportunities and challenges presented by STOs.

👏 Join us for insights on the development and future opportunities of STOs in our financial hub. This not-to-miss discussion will cover the immense potential ahead for STOs in Hong Kong. We look forward to seeing you at this meaningful event!

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