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Designing an Effective Keep-Warm Strategy

Hosted by Ben Siegel
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Talent Acquisition experts have long known the value of developing relationships with candidates. As full-time offers trickle out, these relationships are put to the test - with months between offer and start date, ensuring a candidate continues to have a great experience means they will be less likely to renege. The challenge has always been figuring out how to enhance this experience, given time and resource constraints.

Join our discussion where three early-career recruiting leaders share best practices, learnings, and feedback around post-offer keep-warm strategies. Key takeaways? Keeping in touch with your early-career candidates doesn’t have to be overwhelming: with the right technology and a focused strategy, you can ensure your candidates have the best possible experience with your organization.


  • ​Anne Bailey, Eaton

  • Christie Eades, SAS

  • Natalie Chwalk, MongoDB


  • ​Parker Pell, Scholars