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[workshop] - MEV Week Paris

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MEV hackerhouse meets Parisian Salon: welcome to the orderflow salon. The mev.week is a workshop kicking off the Decentralized Orderflow Working Group. We will begin with a brief introduction about decentralized protocols for orderflow sharing before breaking into interest groups for targeted workshops. The interest groups will be split across Wallets/Dapps, Transparency through Data, and Builders, Searchers, and mev-share nodes.

Wallets/Dapps: What can we do to make OFAs serve the needs of wallets and dapps?

Transparency through Data: What can we do to make OFAs more transparent and auditable?

Builders, Searchers, and mev-share nodes: How do we open up access to private orderflow to more builders without harming user outcomes? How can we make the experience of searching on private data better?

Flashbots is plural. Whether you are a builder, re[searcher] or low-carb-crusader, bring your thoughts, hard questions and good memes. Together we can turn zero-sum games into positive-sum games.

Blockspace is scarce and so are salon seats, we’ll build the most profitable block with the most thoughtful [re]searchers. PLEASE COMPLETE the to save your seat at the salon, there are no other mandatory steps to register.

Location will be shared to approved participants shortly before the event. Please keep the location private to respect the privacy of participants and salon hosts.

*all information from the application process will be kept private. requires Name and Email fields, please only share what you are comfortable.