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New in Orchest: fresh UI and 10x performance

Hosted by Juan Luis Cano & Rick Lamers
Past Event
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It's time for our Orchest Community Event! Join us live to learn more about the latest improvements we have made to Orchest, see a project walkthrough showcasing the new UI, get a glimpse of what’s in the pipeline for the coming months, and get a chance to talk with the team.

Orchest team members Rick, Juan Luis, and Jacopo will be present at the event - don't miss your opportunity to ask them anything!


(All times are in CEST)

  • 17:00-17:05 Welcome

  • 17:05-17:20 Announcements: new UI, performance improvements

  • 17:20-17:35 Project walkthrough

  • 17:35-17:45 Roadmap, public thank-you to our community contributors

  • 17:45-18:00 Wrap up and Q&A