Open Cafe at ETHDenver

Hosted by Electric Capital & 14 others
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Denver, Colorado
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Come hang out and work with us during EthDenver. We'll have tasty coffee, delicious food, strong WiFi, plenty of outlets, and great company.

Our teams will be there from 9AM - 4PM on both Thursday, 2/29 and Friday, 3/1.

​​Looking forward to seeing you there.

Espresso, Fordefi, Gitcoin, Integral, INIT Capital, Ironfish, Llama, OpenBlock, Re, Syndicate, Tokemak, and Electric Capital

Espresso Systems is a decentralized sequencer and data availability system connecting layer-2 scaling solutions. The Espresso Sequencer is designed to offer rollups a means of achieving credible neutrality, enhanced interoperability, and long-term alignment with Ethereum. Learn more at

Fordefi is the first institutional MPC wallet and security platform built for decentralized finance (DeFi). Fordefi was founded in 2021 by crypto custody and cybersecurity experts and designed in close collaboration with industry-leading trading firms, funds and custodians. Fordefi is a financial technology and software company with offices in New York and Tel Aviv. Learn more at

Gitcoin creates technologies and opportunities that empower communities to fund, build, and protect what matters. Through the Gitcoin Grants Program, there has been over $54 million distributed to early-stage builders that champion public goods initiatives in decentralized finance (DeFi), climate, open sourcing, and beyond. Core products include Gitcoin Grants Stack, the end-to-end grants management solution, Allo Protocol, an open-source funding protocol, and Gitcoin Passport, an all-encompassing decentralized identity management tool. Learn more at, discover Gitcoin’s impact at, and follow progress via @Gitcoin  

Integral is the enterprise-grade web3 accounting stack that offers automated bookkeeping and real-time visibility into crypto businesses. With a mission to simplify the complexities of Web3, Integral is trusted by next-generation teams. Integral provides legible transactions, automated workflows, powerful integrations, and more, ensuring businesses can operate at scale and make informed decisions.

INIT Capital is Liquidity Hook money market, a composable money market that allows any DeFi protocol to permissionlessly build Liquidity Hook plugins and borrow liquidity to execute various DeFi strategies. End users on INIT Capital have access to all Hooks, which are yield generating strategies, in a few clicks. Learn more at and Twitter @INITCapital_

Iron Fish is a privacy-focused L1 powered by zero-knowledge proofs. It mainnet launched earlier this year on 4/20 and aims to be the privacy platform for web3 by building bridges to give privacy to all crypto assets. In addition to leveraging cutting edge encryption, Iron Fish's design allows for regulatory compliance by providing robust view keys and optional disclosure. Learn more at

Llama is an onchain governance and access control system for smart contracts. Llama enables protocols to encode access control policies, create and execute actions, and manage funds programmatically. Any protocol teams that are currently using EOAs or multisigs and are looking for a lightweight access control and governance solution should reach out! Learn more at

OpenBlock is a platform that empowers Web3 organizations with the data intelligence needed to take action and drive growth. From managing grants to optimizing incentive spend, leading DAOs and blockchain networks utilize this technology to maintain billions of dollars in value within their ecosystems. Learn more at

Re tokenizes reinsurance policies as part of making all real-world assets inevitably liquid, accessible, and transparent through blockchain funds. Learn more at

Syndicate is building infrastructure to help web3 products, platforms, and experiences reach mainstream scale, usability, and adoption. Its Transaction Cloud enables developers to fire-and-forget transactions at scale (5,000+ RPS) onto any EVM chain via simple HTTP REST APIs—without having to manage private keys, pay for gas, host secure signing infrastructure, or worry about nuanced technical issues like nonce conflicts, gas spikes, or reorgs. Syndicate also has Dynamic, Modular Smart Contracts (ERC-721M, ERC-20M, ERC-1155M) that were developed for DAOs that eliminate the need for developers to undertake costly migrations to new smart contracts whenever they wish to modify their products and on-chain experiences. Learn more at

Tokemak V2 (Autopilot) enables a new way to LP in DeFi: autonomous optimization of liquidity across DEXs and pools of your choice to capture the best yields. Launching with support for LST/ETH stable-pools, deposit only ETH and Tokemak will continuously rebalance into the optimal yield-bearing pools. Set it, forget it and save both gas costs and your time while returns are compounded into ETH. For LST and LRT protocols creating liquidity for their tokens, Tokemak offers products to support sustainable liquidity while providing additional token utility. Learn more at and Twitter @tokenreactor

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Denver, Colorado