Cover Image for OnePieceCon AUG2024 - AI & SocialFi
Cover Image for OnePieceCon AUG2024 - AI & SocialFi

OnePieceCon AUG2024 - AI & SocialFi

Hosted by OnePiece Labs & Lucy Mirzoian
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About Event

Save the date for OnePieceCon on August 23, 2024—an exclusive half-day conference hosted by OnePiece Labs and co-hosted by 0G and Camp Network, exploring AI & SocialFi.

Welcome to OnePieceCon (OPC), your quarterly gateway to Web3 innovation, hosted by OnePiece Labs. Our half-day conferences serve as a nexus for blockchain enthusiasts and thought leaders.

​At OPC, we explore diverse Web3 topics, offering a comprehensive view of the digital landscape. Featuring top industry experts as speakers, we ensure firsthand insights into the forefront of Web3 innovation.

​We proudly call this series 'OnePieceCon,' where 'Con' stands for CONNECTION, CONVERSION, CONVERSATION, and CONFERENCE—a testament to our commitment to creating an environment where collaboration and innovation thrive.

​Join us at OnePieceCon and be part of the vibrant Web3 movement shaping the future of digital innovation.

OnePiece Labs - A leading Web3 incubator, offers startups networking, mentorship, and resources for success. Founded by seasoned Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, it aims to cultivate future Web3 unicorns through results-driven outcomes.

0G, brings Web3 into the GenAI era, with the first programmable DA and 1000x performance improvement and cost saving.

​Camp Network aggregates online user data, enabling users to own and monetize on their identity while giving protocols the insights they need to build immersive user experiences.

OnePieceCon May 2024 on AI & BTC Ecosystem was more than a conference; it was a celebration of innovation and collaboration within the Web3 community.

By providing a platform for industry leaders to share insights, OPC continues to drive the advancement of decentralized technologies and shape the future of digital innovation.

Join the journey at the next OnePieceCon in August 2024 and be part of the ongoing transformation in the Web3 ecosystem.

OnePieceCon May2024 Speakers

Key Insights from OnePieceCon May 2024

Keynote Speeches

  • Michael Heinrich, 0G Labs: Highlighted scalable data availability, on-chain AI with 50,000 times faster performance, and a programmable data availability layer.

  • Rahul Doraiswami, Camp Network: Focused on aggregated social activities for on-chain value creation, a successful testnet, and monetizing user data for AI model training.

Fireside Chat

  • Casey Rodarmor, Ordinals & Runes Protocols: Emphasized decentralization, the power of memes, and a cautious approach to new blockchain solutions.

Panel Discussions

  • Bitcoin Renaissance: Discussed Bitcoin’s role in market expansion, institutional adoption, and the Runes Protocol’s impact on DeFi, GameFi, and stablecoins.

  • AI Technology on Web3: Explored decentralized infrastructure growth, privacy and security in AI, and balancing hardware and data network demands.

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