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Cyber AI Conclave : Addressing Regulatory and AI Impacts on Cyber & Innovation Capabilities

Hosted by FalconX & 3 others
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Join us in exploring the dynamic intersection of technology, innovation, and cybersecurity in an era marked by complexity and regulatory demands. Renowned speaker Ferose V.R. will enlighten us on the transformative influence of technology and AI, especially in the realm of ChatGPT and GenAI, shedding light on their roles in shaping organizational innovation capabilities and the evolving responsibilities of future engineers. Following this keynote, a distinguished panel of Cyber Security Leaders will delve into the profound impact of SEC Regulations, ChatGPT, and AI on the cybersecurity landscape. Gain insights into how these influential technologies are steering the course of cybersecurity teams and navigating the intricate regulatory landscape. Don't miss this opportunity to stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of cybersecurity.

Event: Cyber AI Conclave

Date: November 16th, 6 - 9PM

Sponsored by: SAP

Location: SAP HanaHaus, Palo Alto

Organizers: FalconX & GIT1K. Both organizations work with Startups, Entrepreneurs, and Industry Experts to build a community predominantly in AI, Cybersecurity, Cloud, and Enterprise B2B SaaS.

Opening Remarks: Yaad Oren, MD SAP Labs US & Global Head SAP Innovation Center

Keynote: Ferose V.R, SVP, SAP Academy of Engineering.

Topic: The Future Engineer

As the likes of AI and ChatGPT transform the world, its impact is felt in every aspect of human life, especially technology and the future of innovation. As the head of the SAP Academy of Engineering, Ferose is responsible for developing the future engineer. In this captivating and inspiring session, Ferose will take us through what it is to be an engineer in the AI future.

Panel Topic: SEC Rules, AI, ChatGPT, and Data Privacy Regulations Burden on Cyber Security

Panel Moderator: Lenin Gali, Startup advisor, AI & Cybersecurity Leader, Investor, Entrepreneur, Ex CIO & CISO

Panel Speakers:

Aysha Khan, CIO & CISO Treasure Data

Adrian Ludwig, CISO Atlassian

Lokesh Bangalore, VP of Security & Compliance Salesforce

Kurt Manske, Managing Principle, Cyber Risk Management, Coalfire

Startup Showcase: We will have 5-6 startups in Cybersecurity, AI, Data Privacy, Cloud Infrastructure, and Regulatory Governance.

Networking: We will have beverages, snacks, conversation, and networking.