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Thu, Dec 8
9:00 AM
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Hey ops friends, 馃憢

Now that we're officially one big family, we thought it'd be nice to set up a regular opportunity for folks to chat and connect. We've always been serious about building with the community, and we want to be here for you - to welcome new members, answer your questions, address any issues that arise, discuss your ideas and suggestions, and keep you updated on all that we're doing in the background!

Come hang out with us if...

  • You want to chat to a few new and existing community members, along with our Community Organiser Becca, and ALWAYS one of the ON founders - Astrid, Au拧rin臈 or Charlene

  • You've just joined the community and want to meet new people

  • You've been a part of the community for a while and want to keep meeting new people

  • You have a question about the community or ON

  • You have an idea for the community that you'd like to bring to life and you want some live feedback

  • You want to hear more about what the ON Team is up to and what it's like to run the community

  • You feel like venting about something that only ops folks will understand

  • You just want to hang out with ops people

Until the end of the year, we'll be hosting these little sessions twice a month, on Thursdays - once in the morning, and once in the evening, hoping to cover as many time zones as possible. 馃寪

Nothing formal, no pressure - show up if you feel like it, bring something to munch or drink, it's all up to you! We'll be here and ready to listen to anything you feel like sharing. 馃挏

See you soon!