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Onchain Summit: Superchain Edition

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About Event

About the Event

Onchain Summit is the Optimism Collective’s first ever full day summit, bringing together ecosystem partners and value-aligned builders.

The event features curated content, panels, and technical workshops for builders and creators excited about scaling the OP Stack and building towards the Superchain future.


​09:00-11:00 - Registration and Networking Breakfast

​10:30-10:35 - Welcome and Opening Remarks

10:40-11:00 - Law of Chains Talk

11:10-11:40 - Fireside chat with Vitalik Buterin

11:50-13:00 - Lunch

12:00-15:30 - Various Technical Workshops (zkEVM, OP-Erigon, etc.)

13:30-13:50 - Public Goods Funding Recipient Panel

14:00-17:45 - Various Superchain Talks & Panels

17:50-17:50 - Closing Remarks & Performance

18:00-20:00 - Happy Hour

Full agenda here. All sessions will be recorded but will not be live streamed.

All must be registered and accepted prior to the event before gaining entry. No door tickets will be available.

Notice of photography: There will be event photography present throughout the duration of the summit. By entering the event premises, you consent to recording media and its release, publication, exhibition or reproduction.

Additional Notice: In light of recent events in the Middle East, if you are traveling to attend, please take time to read the travel advisory of the US Department of State or the one of your own country and consider the implications of your attendance.