Channeling your authentically aligned business strategy for 2022



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This is a special new year workshop for entrepreneurs, business owners, service providers, coaches, and creatives who want to grow their business in a way that feels authentic and aligned in 2022.

The new year is a great time to assess and adjust and patterns that are no longer serving, and that includes business practices and goals that are not serving you.

It's so easy to follow along with whatever hot new business tips and trends come out but they aren't always a match for our needs, desires or how we work best.

Ask me sometime about how long I spent marketing my businesses on Instagram long after it was CLEAR that social media was going against the grain of my natural working style. Spoiler alert - the switch into alignment made my time, $$, and EASE grow exponentially.

Time to say goodbye to cookie-cutter business strategies and hello to fully, authentic, aligned expressions of ourselves in our businesses.

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