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Live Class: How To Clinically Use The most Predictive DNAm Clock To Date

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Aging is the biggest risk factor for all disease and death. In recent years, ways to measure biological age have been thoroughly studied so that we might be able to quantify aging as a risk factor and treat it appropriately.

The most popular ways to do this have been with Epigenetic clocks. These clocks are able to predict your aging rate which is highly predictive of your likelihood of developing age-related conditions.  

Recently, through collaborations with researchers from Harvard, TruDiagnostic has created the most predictive epigenetic clock to date. This clock, called OMICmAge, represents a big step forward in age quantification. 

Using Partners biobank samples collected over the past 50 years, TruDiagnostic performed robust multi-omic phenotyping to create OMICmAge.  By combining proteomics, metabolomics, genetic, and epigenetic analysis, we were able to create a clock that is the most predictive risk factor in almost all age-related diseases.  

Additionally, this algorithm overcomes issues of previous algorithms. OMICm Age is now able to tell you your individual increase of decreased risk in multiple disease conditions such as mortality, cancer, depression, Cardiovascular disease, and more.

It also gives you knowledge about the biggest factors that are impacting your aging. With this data, we are able to explain much of the heterogeneity in aging and make personalized recommendations on how to improve your aging and reduce your risk of disease. 

Join us Thursday, October 3rd at 11am PST to hear TruDiagnostic founder Ryan Smith explain the benefits of OMICmAge and teach how to interpret these biomarkers for clinical knowledge.

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